Ant Conversation – OD vs. OCM – Report coming soon!

On Wednesday the 10th of September the Afro Ant team hosted the latest Ant Conversation over an intimate dinner in Cape Town.

Ant Conversations are hosted with the intention of sharing knowledge, debating industry issues and trends, and discussing areas of interest for our network of contractors, colleagues, and peers. This Ant Conversation came about as a result of Afro Ant working with professionals who market themselves as Organisational Development (OD) and/or Change Management (CM) specialists, although with apparent differing views of what these areas of specialisation encompass.

The intention of this session was to clarify our joint understanding of the two terms, discuss the key responsibilities of each, for us to understand where and how they overlap, and to debate where these disciplines would best be located within an organisation.

Some of the big take-aways (pun intended) for the evening were:

  • Organisational Development is a continuous journey that an organisation is one, with a strategic intent. Change Management refers to the bounded initiatives or “trips” on the journey, that organisations carry out to implement the changes required to achieve the strategic objectives.
  • There was no clear consensus on where the Organisational Development and Change Management competencies should be located in an organisation. It was however agreed that it depends on the specific organisation, their requirements, and their strategy. Change Managers per division, a central EPMO (Enterprise Portfolio Management Office), or part of HR – were some of the options debated.


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