At Afro Ant, the emphasis is on excellence and consistently good performance. Consultation is a verb and the key to a successful delivery with a pragmatic and sincere ‘safe pair of hands’. Our network of independent experts is available when necessary to leverage their specialist intelligence and body of knowledge.

Benefits Realisation

This is often identified as one of the greatest challenges for most organisations if the required frameworks are not applied. With the proper management of benefits which includes defining, quantifying, measuring and monitoring, it becomes possible to validate investment decisions as well as learn from successes and failures. This is critical to successful project and programme delivery.

PMO Set-Up and Execution

Constantly delivering value and strategic benefits, the Project Management Office (PMO) can be thought of as the heart of any organisation. A PMO offers guidance to the project and develops metrics for project management practices and their execution.

Change Management

Embedding change prepares and supports the business for the transition from “how things are done now” to “how things will be done in future.” If project change cannot be sustained, then the desired business outcomes will not be achieved. Ingrained in our consulting methodology is a focus on transferring, developing and sustaining knowledge and skills.

Process Optimisation

To secure a competitive edge, organisations look for ways to increase efficiencies and the successful execution of existing business processes. Through the identification of process improvement opportunities our team co-creates sustainable solutions while leading teams through the strategic change process.

Training and Integration Support

For change to be integrated by an organisation it must be entrenched into the relevant roles, responsibilities, and processes through not just the transferring of, but also the enablement of knowledge sharing, training, and support. Integration Support typically consists of:

  • Capability Development (up-skilling, mentoring and coaching)
  • Risk identification, mitigation, and management activities
  • Solution design support activities

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