Essential Digital Skills for Project Professionals

Organisations across the globe are currently facing an unprecedented wave of change propelled by the globalised economy, an escalating war for talent, the rise of contract work, and the impact of disruptive technologies while staying ahead of competitors.

But it’s not only organisations that are being impacted by technological disruption – so are the roles of those who manage the projects within them.

In 2018, the PMI published a report which identified the essential digital skills that are most important for the evolving role of those who manage projects.

When we think of digital skills, we often think of highly technical skills such as coding or creating software. This however isn’t the case in the world of projects as building a truly digital skill set requires a blend of skills to enable success. These essential skills have been identified as follows:

  • Data driven decision making through data analysis, analytics, and management
  • Security and data protection
  • Legal and regulatory compliance knowledge
  • Online collaboration and leadership
  • Knowledge management

In evolving with our ever-changing landscape and technological innovation, we’ve compiled an online resource list to help jump start you on your way toward developing a solid, futureproof skill set.

Data Driven Decision Making through Data Analysis, Analytics and Management

Security and Data Protection

Online collaboration & Leadership Skills

Knowledge Management

Source: PMI – The Project Manager of the Future report (2018)