Saturday Sessions Event: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Data Breaches and Hacking (13 July 2019)

Each new year hails the latest slew of predictions for all sectors of business, with cyber security becoming one of the hottest topics as companies of all sizes, operating in an array of sectors, scramble not to be the next headline of a cyber hack-attack.

During this session, we explored what the cyber security landscape could look like going forward and how security controls could easily be bypassed to gain access to critical systems using actual case studies. We also talked through the steps taken during a penetration test and the Mobius team demonstrated how easy it is to gain access to critical systems and privileged accounts.

We were also provided with a view of the people, process and governance maturity levels eventually leading to automating the review and confirmation of controls.

Facilitators: The Mobius Group – Robert Len, Malcolm Parker & Lee Bristow

Date: Saturday 13 July 2019

Venue: Workshop17, The Watershed