Saturday Sessions Event: Data Modelling – Not just for the good looking (12 October 2019)

In the final Saturday Session for 2019, we unpacked the pivotal role of Data Modelling in enabling and improving the long-term business solutions of the organisations of today.

We touched on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block Chain, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Robotics, and according to the experts, we need to put our hammers away because everything most definitely is not a nail.

Gone are the days of hiding behind the plot lines of movies like Ex Machina when the topics of data, artificial intelligence or robotics come up in conversation. A hum of all things data isn’t imminent, it’s already here, and probably bustling with conversation and hype through the corridors in your workplace.

Facilitators: Hannelie Lotz

Date: Saturday 12 October  2019

Venue: Workshop17, The Watershed