Saturday Sessions Event: AI and the Future of Work – Will I still be relevant? (13 April 2019)

At the launch of the very first Saturday Sessions get-together, we explored the inevitability of technological disruption and the deep-rooted fear that goes along with it (as has been the trend with most of these significant advancements). While we find ourselves about to enter the next iteration of disruption with AI, we need to ready ourselves as employers and employees for the future world of work.

As a society, we must accept the fact that AI is here to stay, and realise thoughtful adoption of the technology is essential for our survival. But, what does this mean for the world of work? AI is perceived to either be putting jobs at risk, or changing responsibilities to accommodate its advancement. As AI’s development accelerates, it raises the question for workers across all industries: Will my skills still be relevant?

Facilitated by Joseph Appiah-Yeboah

Date: Saturday 13 April 2019

Venue: Workshop17, The Watershed