The part initiative has to play during the Covid-19 pandemic

The devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is felt across the world and this is challenging governments, organisations and individuals to come up with suggestions and solutions to carry us through these unparalleled times. While there are still challenges and changes to come, we need to be considering ways, in addition to mastering our new ways of working, in which we keep innovating and initiating.

We’ve heard of micro one-man pop-up shops where individuals are crafting masks from recycled material in their living rooms and contactless drive-through shopping being rolled out by larger retailers. These are examples of initiative hard at work. While nothing currently is as it usually was, we consider the term, “business as unusual ” in looking at new ways of developing initiative within our workplace environments.

Individually we have a part to play in redefining the new norms for ourselves and for our work partners. This means we must rely on initiative; we must be able to assess and initiate opportunities to solve (potential) problems with an innovative approach.

Last month we shared how we had adapted our ways of working but since then we have also modified many of our processes to ensure that we are still able to stay true to the Afro Ant ethos and ways of working. In this way, we feel initiative is helping us remain true to our aim of doing whatever it takes to support and accommodate our community (both internally and externally).

We would love for you to share some of your initiatives with us so that we can see how you are succeeding during lockdown.