Introducing #YourCareer Tips

In December last year, Afro Ant introduced a weekly Career Coach Tips posting to our social media platforms, sourced from theMuse, and we will publish a running summary as the months progress.

To recap the #YourCareer posts for December 2018…

  1. “Are you picking between two offers? This is a great problem to have! To make a decision, you need to evaluate the opportunities and benefits of each position against a specific set of criteria and priorities that are important to you. Once you’ve done that, you can compare and contrast the pros and cons of each job against each other.”
    — Al Dea
  2. “Most cover letters are lukewarm at best. If yours is memorable, compelling, and on-point, it could be the deciding factor that helps you land an interview.”
    — Jenny Foss
  3. “You can absolutely find your dream job. The key is: If you want to change something big, start with something small. Big picture goal + small steps = results.”
    — Christie Artis
  4. “Support your friends and colleagues. Showing up to their events and cheering on their milestones is always a good thing to do. But you’ll also be recognized as a reliable and thoughtful person, and those are the kinds of people who get referred for job opportunities.”
    — Angela Smith


All the Best for 2019!