Q+A Webinar Recording – Next Level Impact CMI Leadership Programme

Learn more about the Programme by ‘attending’ the Q+A session (19 October 2017) with Next Level Impact’s Martin Rice.


  • Welcome and Introduction to Host: Dale Porter
  • 0.50 Introduction of Martin Rice
  • 4.25 Introduction and Overview – Top 5 reasons for the Programme
  • 6.00 Background – fairly scary statistics and ‘accidental managers’ and a
  • 7.00 Need to do better – nearly half (43%) of UK managers were judged as ineffective / highly ineffective
  • 7.30 Overview of Programme – Master Classes and targeted ‘improvement projects’, all supported by guided learning, online coaching and access to online Academy– builds from:
    • 8.05 ‘Essentials’ (CMI Award) level
    • 10.10 ‘Unleashing Potential’ (CMI Certificate) level
    • 11.30 ‘Maximising Effectiveness’(CMI Diploma) level – Implementation of practical improvement project is expected at this level, and is supported, to demonstrate ability to lead, manage and deliver effectiveness – Taking themselves and their teams to the next level
  • 13.08 Practical Improvement Projects (using a balanced scorecard framework) – supporting individual in practical application which also delivers “bottom-line business results for your organisation”
  • 14.15 Online learning portal, completely supported by CMI, for guaranteed high-level resources (books, journals, checklists, templates, videos, real case studies etc)
  • 16.10 Streamline process towards Chartered Manager status – Outcome Evidence in Improving, Leading and Supporting personal and team/organisational performance (CMI statistics)
  • 18.55 FAQs
  • 24.50 Invitation of questions
    • ROI – one of the main questions arising (26.0)
    • If a contractor, not attached to one organisation, how to apply learning (27.0)
  • 29.00: How do we sign up?!
    • Invitation: Submit any other questions and FAQs will be updated
  • 29.40 Thanks to Martin and farewell
  • 30.00 ENDS

To register for the Programme, or for more information, contact us on 021 461 1369 or email events@afroant.co.za.
RSVP: 17 November 2017