Tools for Developing Integrity

In an article written for The Abundance Company, Bob Czimbal and Michele Brooks create three tools for developing integrity. They note that we need to know our weaknesses if we are to be strong and reflect that “there are traits to learn that either encourage or discourage integrity, questions to ask oneself when issues of integrity arise, and clear signs that indicate when one has developed integrity.”
Samples of these three tools are presented below.

  1. Encouraging and Discouraging Integrity
    Just as there are risk factors for one’s health, there are factors that discourage or encourage integrity. A person lacking self-esteem, friendships, and financial stability, has a higher than normal likelihood of acting without integrity. A person with high self-esteem, a strong support system and a balanced life will most likely act with integrity.
  2. Questions of Integrity
    Our integrity is always being tested. During these challenging times, if we have the courage to ask the right question we will often know the right answer. Here is a sample list of questions to guide one in the right direction:
  • Do I believe this is the right course of action?
  • Am I being just, fair and considerate?
  • Would I want others to act the same way?
  • Is there someone I could talk to who would help me enlarge my perspective?
  • Is this the right Time, Intention, Person, Place and Style? (T.I.P.P.S.)
  • Could I make an adjustment that would prevent or alleviate harm?
  • How will I feel about myself afterwards?
  1. Signs of Integrity
    Just as there are signs of good health, like blood pressure, fitness and nutrition, there are indicators of integrity:
  • Open to feedback
  • Accepts personal responsibility
  • Balances one’s needs with the needs of others
  • Practices understanding and compassion
  • Seeks the advice of others
  • Respectful of views that are different
  • Acts with integrity even when it is inconvenient
  • Keeps agreements
  • Knows the difference between humour and hostility.

When ethical companies support their employees in developing integrity, they become even more productive.

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