Young Achievers Programme kicks off tomorrow!

At Afro Ant we are passionate about supporting the growth and development of our Ants.  We know that the youth of this country are our future and we want to do our best to support them in their professional development as they move through the working world. One of the groups that we pay special attention to is our Young Achievers and so the Young Achievers Programme was born.

Afro Ant is running an on-going series of workshops for all our Young Achievers. Some of our Young Achievers have been in the corporate world for a while and some are only starting their corporate experience, and together we can learn. The Young Achievers Programme aims to equip our Ants with learning opportunities that they may not have had yet and to give them a chance to grow their professional brand and help others to grow theirs.

The inaugural workshop will focus on the ever-changing working world, professionalism in the workplace, and how to build (and maintain) a professional brand. It’s an opportunity for our Ants to share with and learn from their peers; a chance to ask questions that they may not be comfortable asking in their current work environments, and to see how others are experiencing similar situations. We will share success stories and struggles and tap into our collective knowledge. We will also be discussing how the world of work is changing or has changed in the last 10 years.

Our first Young Achievers workshops is reserved for existing Ants but we look forward to growing the programme. If you are interested in joining us for our next workshop, be sure to email us on